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Please vote in the primary March 5th.  Polls are open 7AM to 7Pm
Here is a link for voting locations

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Allow Merhi to implement the smart tax initiatives, without affecting local governments' functionality, which will be:

1- Creating a fair real property assessment/tax system that benefits everyone.

2- Lowering taxes by lowering assessments, which lower monthly mortgage and rent; by overhauling BCAD and revising appraisal methods. Therefore, property values goes down to true fair market price.

3- Expand payment plans for everyone and eliminate penalties, reduce fees, and lower interest rates, as it compounds to 50% by July of every year, (Credit Card is 14-28% APR per year).

4- Lowering grocery bill by Cutting Business Personal Property Taxes  for businesses, especially for grocery stores. 

5- Establish a board comprised of engaged members who will oversee the assessment/tax system.


Homeownership is becoming unattainable, and rent is becoming unaffordable. Home values have been improperly assessed based on the neighborhood, resulting in extravagant higher tax payments. Payment plans are available only for seniors and disadvantaged individuals.

While working for the United Nations, I observed the development of housing and shelter solutions for disadvantaged and dislocated populations in several foreign countries. It is ironic that while the U.S. is the largest donor to these projects, home ownership and homelessness issues keep on rising in the United States, our home.

 In San Antonio, foreclosures surged by nearly 70% in 2022. Data from the 2019 National Low Income Housing Coalition shows that the minimum wage of $7.25/hour is only a third of the estimated income needed for a two-bedroom rental in San Antonio.  Home ownership remains unattainable.

 I stand for transparency, integrity, and accountability.

Humbly, I am offering the voters of Bexar County a choice to bring my values and experience to the office of Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector to relieve our community from the burden of high assessment, tax, mortgage and rent payment.


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