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Join H.Merhi for Lowering Taxes

Demand a Hand Recount and Forensic Audit of Voting Machines and Paper Ballots

My name is Hatem Merhi, I am a candidate for tax assessor collector in Bexar County, TX. Despite the overwhelming support from our constituents who are devastated from the tax increase and feedback from election polls workers, I lost by an unbelievable margin. My supporters are in disbelief as they accounted for over 40,000 votes.

This petition is not just about my campaign; it's about our community who are devastated of the increase in property taxes, it's about the integrity of our democratic process. We are requesting a hand recount, forensic audit to the voting machines, and forensic audit to the paper ballots in the scanning machines used during this election.

There have been instances across America where such audits have revealed discrepancies affecting election results (source: National Conference of State Legislatures). It's crucial that we ensure every vote is counted accurately to maintain trust in our electoral system.


Bexar county election department has been questioned in 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024 elections for the extensive delay and so called glitches. 

We need your support to bring transparency back into our local elections. Please sign this petition demanding a thorough investigation into this matter. Your signature can help uphold democracy at its core level - ensuring every vote counts as intended. 

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Sign for recount

How to Help

We need your support to make a difference. You can help us by spreading the word on social media and text messages. Please get your family and friends and sign this petetion to lower taxes and grocery bill

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