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H. Merhi for Lowering Taxes

Hi, I'm Merhi



As a political candidate, my platform is centered around lowering assessment and taxes for all, lowering monthly mortgage and rent,. I believe that no one should be penalized with 50% high interest rates in late payment of property taxes. I am committed to lowering property values to fair market prices and overhauling the BCAD to ensure fair assessments. I also have tax initiatives for renters to save them $100 to $175 in rent. I am dedicated to expanding payment plans for everyone to make taxes more manageable.

I am blessed to live the American Dream – the idea that anyone, through hard work and determination, can achieve anything including business success and owning a home.

I am half Lebanese, half Italian, and wholeheartedly a proud American, Texan, and San Antonian. I own a home and two businesses in San Antonio. In my construction business, I talk to homeowners daily. My second business focuses on audiovisual technology and cyber security. I understand the challenges facing homeowners, landlords, and tenants due to high property assessments resulting in large tax payments and higher rent.

We should not be overly burdened or fear losing our homes due to unfair property assessments. I seek to solve this problem for myself and for everyone else too.

I stand for transparency, integrity, and accountability. I am running for Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector on a platform of Lower Assessments/Taxes For All.


I have been a dedicated public worker for many years, working hard to make sure that people have access to the resources they need to thrive. I am passionate about using my skills to help make a difference and I am committed to fighting for fair tax system for everyone.

With 20 years of experience serving the United Nations, and various governmental positions including Treasurer of Brewster County, I am uniquely qualified to bring positive change to Bexar County.

I hold a Master in Cyber Security with a focus on Financial Systems, and a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering with a focus on building Accounting Systems. I am versed in accounting, finance, tax collection, auditing, budgeting, payroll, and quality assurance. My expertise in information systems enables me to create superior financial and managerial procedures. 

 As a businessman in San Antonio, and I interface with county residents daily, and I listen to them. They want lower property assessments and I want to help them by creating the Smart Tax Initiative to lower their property tax payments, mortgage and rent.


Lower Taxes for All

My mission is to create a fair and equitable tax system for all individuals. I believe that everyone deserves to keep more of their hard-earned money and that the current tax system is not serving the needs of the people. As a political candidate, I am committed to working towards a system where taxes are lower, fair, and more manageable for all.

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